About US

Where we start

Before we start this project, We have sold on Amazon, shopify, Aliexpress; Have offered  Fulfillment and support to our Dropshipping partners. We found some problems that most small and medium sellers met in common. They don’t have enough funds for mass inventory and marketing. And the product choices from local distributor is also very limited.

To sell as a dropshipper was also a good option, While the long delivery time can not satisfy  buyers , Which made them to lose local advantages; At the same time, for the price, they cannot compete with the sellers from China on Aliexpress. And things become more complex and more difficult for dropshippers after the tax reform for small packages in Europe Union. Not only make the whole process more complex, but also Lowered sellers margins. So in last two years, Many dropshippers have not made it through.

After analyzing these problems, We have figured out a solution: One stop consistent fast supply for small batch of inventory. Which ensure our partners can always have enough Inventory while  have enough fund for marketing; At the same time, ensure the whole process simple, Which allows our partners spend most effort on marketing. And this is where we start

Our Advantages

We are close to product manufacturing area, We can get the sample within 2 days. No matter they are from east China or south China.

We are always quick to respond&act. To each inquiry. We’ll come back to our partners with all product details within 24 hours.

Our rich experience for products check and test. Have tested and checked hundreds of products for for our partners from our previous dropshipping fulfillment project

We make the whole product supply process simple. Based on our DDP terms, All our partners need to do is waiting for the inventory after orders to us. Partners don’t even need to offer ioss code for parcels.

To work with most professional and efficient Shipping channels, Our partners can get Their inventory around 13 days after details confirmed

Since the product is from China directly, Compared to the product from the local distributors,  Our price is better, usually 30% or even lower than the retail price, So our partners will get enough fund for marketing while remaining good margin.

Working with us, our partners will get a chance to take good use of local advantages with low investment. Compared to sellers in China from Ali express, Can sell higher price for good margin;  Compared to the dropshipping sellers , can ensure the faster delivery