Is it complex to buy inventory, i am a new seller without experience for import, custom declaration, custom tax issues. Can i get inventory without iOSS code ?

Answer: To work with us is very simple, cuz our supply solution is one stop service style. After we check and confirm the sample, and order details, we will take care all works before you get inventory. After you placed order, what you need to is waitting to accept inventory in office, since we work on DDP terms (Delivery duty paid), so it doesn’t matter you have no iOSS code. And after first order finished successfully, just need to follow routine for future orders

What’s DDP ?

Answer: DDP is the abbreviation of Delivery Duty Paid. It’s an international trade term. If an order is conducted by DDP terms. After buyer paid order, the seller will take care all works, and cost including order preparation, shipment, custom declaration(both ends), tax payment(both ends). What the buyer need to do is waiting to accept inventory as per agreed place and date. Different with DDP terms, they are also other terms like DDU(Delivery duty unpaid), FOB (Free on board), EXW(Exchange works) etc.

How long does it take for inventory deliver to EU countries ?

Answer: Usually delivery to EU countries is around 10 days. A bit faster to western EU countries like UK, France, Germany, take around 7 to 8 days; To Northern &Eastern EU, a bit slower take around 13 days. (Of course, it’s by airline)

How do you check and review product for us?

Answer: We record video to display general situation of product, such as each side  of product, accessories, packing and so on. And will also try the product to check products’ functions and real effect. We will also close up the product as per our partners’ concern, pay special attention and show the products’ functions&features in specific ways. And in order to ensure picture clear we only record video under good light condition, and in order ensure the effect is real we would not edit video like ad or product demo video on amazon listing.

How do you ensure we can have efficient inventory without taking up marketing fund ?
Answer: There are 2 reasons.
Firstly since we prepares inventory for partners in small quantity every time, (around 30 to 50 sets )so it will not take up too much of your fund, so you will still have efficient fund for marketing;
Secondly, we can ensure fast delivery for each batch of inventory (around 8 to 13 days), the new inventory will arrive before your inventory in stock used up. So you will have inventory for orders for all the time. And every time you decide new inventory quantity, you can also make more accurate estimate based on previous sales data for last 10 days.
Can you also offer branding support ?

Answer: Yes, we can also offer branding support to your project, like logo printing/carving on product, package design and custom and so on. When our partners ready, and when it’s necessary. while when it comes normal branding,there is MOQ, and the order preparation will also longer. Not only branding, can also custom a product if necessary. You guys can google leatherest.de. All the products under their project, we custom for them from scratch. While for new small seller, lite branding is also available, we can design and print gift card, and flyers. Which is cost saving and fast.

How do we make payment for inventory?

Answer: For the payment, now we are using our citibank account to accept payment by bank transfer. While soon will apply an local account in EU to accept payment, which will shorten payment handling time, and cut bank cost for transfer. For the currency we are not only able to accept USD, can also accept Euro, RMB etc.

How long does it take to prepare inventory?

Answer: Up to the amount of order, the order preparation time varies. For small inventory, take around 3 days, cuz usually manufacturers got some inventory for daily for regular online seller partners. For large quantity orders, need to prepare from nothing, so usually take around 13 to 15 days after down payment made.

Any product suggestions to new seller as per your support experience to dropshipping partners?

Answer: In different countries, the popular product is also different, and some times a product look even ridiculous in our eyes, while it sell well in some place. So can not offer the specific suggestion. While our previous dropshipping partners refuse to sell product with too many variants, and refuse to try POD (Printing on demand) product, cuz too complex to handle, complex after sales issue.

Do you think there is still chance for dropshipping ?

Answer: Personally think there is still chance, after all there are winners for all the time. And there is solution for any problems. While it become more challenging to dropship. Cuz on one hand some our previous partners have quit cuz the cost increase after new tax policy for small parcel reformed, and marketing become more difficult; One the other hand, many Ecom and dropshiping communities also have stopped to be active since the beginning of 2022.